Light 5X 40V

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The Light 5X 40V vertical 5-axis laser machining center is a precision CNC laser machine self-developed and designed by Guangdong Original Point Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd for high-precision machining of workpieces with large-curvature surfaces and complex contours. It can be applied in areas such as 3C, aerospace, mold, automobile, military, education, and scientific research. This machine is widely used for machining of PCD, BN, hard alloys, ceramics, metal and other materials, and can machine complex contours and profiles of welded-edge milling cutter, micro-edge tool, and thin￾walled metal parts, etc. when it is used with the dedicated machining software.



  • Its bed is made of natural marble with stable structure, good rigidity, high accuracy and strong reliability;
  • All the three linear axes use linear motors, thus having fast dynamic response and high positioning accuracy;
  • The two rotation axes use high-precision torque motors;
  • The linear axes and rotation axes adopt the closed-loop control;
  • The linear axes use linear rolling guide rails, which have low friction coefficient and fast response;
  • The modularized beam path is equipped with a CCD positioning camera and a high-precision probe;
  • The self-developed high-end universal CNC system is used.


Light 5X 40V

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PCD Tool Machining

Machine Specifications

Category Item Unit Parameters
NUM   NUM Flexium+68
Travel X-axis (left and right along the sliding plate) mm 400
Y-axis (forward and backward the workbench) mm 250
Z-axis (up and down the laser head) mm 300
Workbench Dimensions of the horizontal workbench mm 500X500
Type of workbench connection Threaded hole on workbench: Row x column x spacing 20-M10
Threaded hole on workbench: Row x column x spacing   4X5X100mm
Load capacity of the horizontal workbench kg 100
Dimensions of the C-axis workbench mm φ110
Type of workbench connection Threaded hole on workbench: Row x column x spacing 4-M5
B-axis swing angle ° ±120°
Rated/max. speed of B-axis rpm 100 / 150
Rated/max. speed of C-axis rpm 200 / 300
Max. load capacity of the C-axis workbench kg 10
Feed rate Cutting speed m/min 20
Rapid traverse speed(X/Y/Z) m/min 30
Accuracy Positioning accuracy(X/Y/Z) mm 0.005
Positioning accuracy(B/C) 10
Repeat positioning accuracy(X/Y/Z) mm 0.003
Repeat positioning accuracy(B/C) 5
Laser Pulse width   ns
Power W 100
Machining range Max.tool diameter mm Φ100(some models φ200)
Max.tool length mm 200
Max.tool Weight Kg 8
Clamping interface of workpiece mm HSKA63 manual clamping interface
Machining dimensions Floorspace(L×W) mm 1700X1900(incl 2700X1900)
Height mm 2600
Weight kg 3500
Power Power supply voltage V AC380V±10%
Electric capacity KVA 23
Air supply Air supply pressure MPa ≥0.7MPa
Air supply flow rate L/min ≥500L/min


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What are the payment terms?

What are your trade terms?

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How flexible are you in accommodating specific design requests or modifications?

Our team have 5 designers, 6 engineer, we can deal all the customization you need.

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Our product can be shipped in loose component (Normal container) or in a completed unit (Flat Rack Container).

Can you provide the service of installation?

Yes, we have 80 experienced supervisors who can go to supervise the installation at any time. Meanwhile, we have a skilled installation team that can complete a number of turn-key projects.

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We have camp/community planning design, indoor and outdoor electrical/plumbing design, communication/fire alarm/security system supply, furniture/electrical appliances, etc.

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lifetime for capsule house is 20-50 years, container house is 15-20 years, apple cabins is 15-20 years , Mobile villa is 20-50 years. The warranty period for the whole house is 12 months from delivery.

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We could three-view drawing, 3d photo, blueprint, foundation, plumbing, electrical, communication, fire alarm, installation, furniture and so on.

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We have been awarded the certificate by ce, american building code, iso9001, we have been inspected many times by tuv, sgs and bv for the factory and products.

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Normally, the lead time is as follows (if no other changes to be made): prefab house, space mobile house, apple cabins, container house, Mobile villa:30 days.

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Space mobile house, Apple cabins, Mobile villa, Container house: A total of 400 units


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