Apr 24,2024

How to select the materials right? Cnc manufacturing and parts manufacturing machines

In the field of cnc manufacturing and machinery manufacturing, the right material picking is vital for performance, precision and robustness of parts. Different environments and application scenarios will need different types of materials, and we will talk about how to select the right materials from several sides.

1. Environment requirements

Different work environment required different materials, like high temperature, low temperature, humidity, corrosion and so on. Heat-resistant alloys like nickel or titanium alloys may be more comfortable at high temperature, when stainless steel or nickel-based alloys may be more useful in eroded environments.

Physical nature

Physical properties like density, hardness, strength, and hardness of materials will direct impact on the performance of parts. For instance, parts that need high strength may opt to use high-strength steel materials, when parts that are lightweight required may look at the use of aluminum alloys.

03. Machinery performance

The performance of machines from materials will impact the manufacturing operation and precision. A little material may be easy to cut, but others may need more cutting techniques. More solid materials may need more wear-resistant cutting tools.

Thermal conduction

Thermal conduction is an important factor in a number of application that calls for heat replacement or thermal conduction. Copper and its alloys are always good thermal conduction, and are suitable for use in parts with high thermal conduction requirements.

Economic factor


The cost of materials is also an important factor to bear in mind. High-performance special materials are always more expensive, but some general materials are more economic. When balancing performance and cost, the check needs to be case-by-case.

Look at the materials used in different environments:

High temperature environment: titanium alloy, nickel alloy base, heat resistant steel, and so on, applicable to space, gas turbines and other high temperature working condition.

Corrosion environment: stainless steel, wear-resistant alloys, ceramics, etc.

Low temperature environment: low temperature steel, aluminum alloy, plastic, and so on, applicable to lng, low temperature test, like low temperature scene.

Electronics field: copper, aluminum, plastic and so on, and is suitable for the manufacture of electronic components with high conduction requirements.

Wear resistant: carbide, ceramic materials, plastic and rubber engineering, this wear material is strong resistance in mining, machinery manufacturing, automotive, space, chemicals, energy and other areas used on a large scale.


In the field of cnc manufacturing and machinery manufacturing, the value of material picking can not be disabling. With the development of science and technology, industrial needs are varied, the character of the material and its application are made more varied. In line with the concrete application and the right material picking needs can improve the performance and reliability of parts.

In addition to the above agents, materials of resistance to tiring, electrical conduction, magnetism, the environment may be used in chemical media, radiation, and other agents that need to be taken into account, but also with engineers, designers and materials, professional work firsthand.

Picking materials from cnc manufacturing and manufacturing machinery parts is a complex operation, you need to find the best balancing point between several agents. With the development of technology, there will be more innovative materials in the future, which will brought even more possibility in all areas of life, but also the need to refresh learning and practice to address the changing needs of materials challenges.

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