Apr 24,2024

Why non-standard cutting tool is very important

In the process of cutting, it is most often hard to use the standard of cutting tools, it is very important to make non-standard cutting tools. As the use of non-standard cutting tools in metal cutting is very common in the grinding operation, this paper mainly engages the manufacture of non-standard cutting tools in the grinding operation.

As the purpose of manufacturing standard cutting tools is to cut a large number of non-metal parts joint in a large space, when the workpieces becomes more and more difficult by high temperature, the work is made of stainless steel. When the geometric shape is very complex or the surface rough forming is very high, the standard cutting tool can not meet the manufacturing needs. So, in the manufacturing operation, can carry on the tool cutting materials, blade shape, geometric angle, and so on the goal of design, can be divided into special and non-special orders.

Non-customized tools mainly solution two problems, size and surface rough


You can select standard tools that are similar to the one you need, and can be fixed by re-grinding, but two things you need to pay attention to:

1, the size of the teams is very large, the tool cheeks will change, direct impact on the chip remove space and geometric angle, even the size of the teams is at least 2mm.

2, if there is any hole cutting machine, normal machine can not do, you need to use your 5-axis connecting rod to do so. The cost of changing the grinding machine is high as well.

'2 'surface area

This can be made by changing the geometric angle of the blades. For example, increasing the front and back corners can improve very much the surface coarse of the work. But if the user tool machine is not solid enough, sharp edge, surface coarse can be improved. This is very complex and required analysis of the processing plant before making any finding.

Cutting tools that need to be custom-made to solution three problems: special shape, strength and hardness, tolerance, remove tip

Work with special shape requirements

For example, the cutting tools required by cutting may be prolonged, reverse the end of the teeth, but may well have special needs from the angle of the cone, the tool handle the construction needs, the edge of the length of the control distance. If the geometric requirements of this tool are not very complex, it can be easy to dissolve in reality. The only thing we have to note is that non-standard tools are more hard to handle. The search for high precision, as high precision in its own right means high cost and high risk, and it will be an essential waste on the company's capacity and cost.

'2' power and work hardness

When the workpieces are overheated, the tool joint the ready-made materials is very strong, very hard, or the tool wear is serious. It required the transfer of materials to a tool with special needs. The common solution is to select high quality cutting tools, like irrigator and tempered workpieces with high hardness steel high speed cobalt tools, as well as carbide quality. Grinding machine. Of course, it can be very special. For example, in the manufacture of aluminum parts, it may not match the type of carbide cutting tools that are commercial. Aluminum is overall more soft, but it can be said that it is easy to work. The materials used in hard tools are in reality high-speed aluminum steel. Even if this type of material is more difficult than normal high-speed steel, it can lead to the closeness of the aluminum item, and increase the wear of the tool when processing aluminum. At this time, if to get high efficiency, high-speed steel cobalt can be used in turn.

C. Blade blade blade blade blade removal special needs

In this case, a smaller number of teeth and teeth need to be used for the smallest tip of the cheeks, but this design can use mechanical simple materials, like aluminum alloys.

In the design and manufacture of non-standard cutting tools, the geometric shape of cutting tools is more complex, bending deform, deforming and concentration of local stress are easy to show in the heat treatment operation, which needs to be avoided in the design. On parts with stress concentration, slant jump or step design are added to parts with the largest diameter of the diverter.

If the large piece is prolonged in length and diameter, the straightening check after all the fire extinguishers and fringes to control the deforming and loss in the heat treatment. The materials of cutting tools are fairly brittle, in particular carbide materials, if it is vibration or large torque during processing, the tool can be damaged. If it is broken, you can replace the tools, but in many cases it does not inflame a lot, but in the treatment of non-standard tools, the replacement of the possibility is very high, so once the tool is broken, it will make a big loss. Users, including a series of problems that trigger delay.

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