Apr 24,2024

What is the difference between administrative organization and wedm?

Electric discharge puller There are two types of electric discharge machines: administrative regulation, electric discharge sedimentation, and electrical discharge wires. The gap between two processing exercises is to look at the below, and use the characteristics and benefits of all the processing operation in hand.

01. What is the masquerade of administrative regulation?

The drowning of administrative organization, at times ram, is termed the size of administrative organization or administrative organization.

Sinker administrative regulation required electrodes, fluid insulation, and power supply. Power supplies connect the electrodes and the starter. The connection creates a spark in the channel. Unlike wedm, wedm service does not cut the materials fully. This allows the player to generate complex numbers. Also, it does not lead to stress on materials. This is a good way to production injection mold and seal mold.

Sinker administrative regulator machine uses submersibles in liquids like oil or insulating water. Power supply plus electric pole to generate voltage between two components. And the creation of injury to the creation of plasma channels and spark jumping. Spark power tilts to be one by one.

With the continuous forming of a spark, a metal base start to wear, an electric pole drops, causing this administrative regulation machine "collision" or "drowning" effect. When the operation is complete and every piece is removed, the metal base is eroded in a very special form or design that looks like sculpture. Administrative organization machine that makes metal industry faster.

What is the discharge line

Cutting wire (administrative organization) cutting wire by making one thin wire for cutting heavy metals, in order to achieve the standard of cnc machine tool can not achieve cutting and border precision. Like ram administrative organization, wedm uses spark electrodes for cutting metals. Cutting part submerged in water deionized by electric discharge (EDM) technology, wire as an electric pole, wire spark part in the required shape or waste without contact. Automatic wire feeding secures that the welding wires do not tire and pieces are compatible to achieve repeat precision.

Fine metal wire is between two diamond guide bars above and under the work and moves on the length of the sini axis and the sadistic axis as per cnc instruction in the line of administrative regulation. As with the rest of the administrative organization, administrative regulation creates a spark between the wires and the work, eroding the work.

Cutting wire administrative regulation allows the use of very thin wires (up to 20 micron in diameter) so that the workpieces can be cut very meticulous. But, as with administrative organization sedimentation, the normal practice is to start the cheating and then finish.

What is the difference between administrative organization and discharge wire?

Electric current used for cutting or burning conductive materials in wedm and EDM. In both cases, the electrodes do not come in contact with the materials that are processing. In reverse wedm, sedimentation administrative organization service does not cut the materials fully (if not essential), so it is used wide, like blind cavity/Keyway, thin wall or cross door. This type of function makes payment type injection molding machine assembly drowning administrative organization effective technology.

Application of administrative organization and wedm

Sinker administrative organization is used to make complex cavity, and, in turn, is a special occasion for the manufacture of die, die, and other tools. In connection with the rest of the manufacturing processes, it can also generate sharper and deep internal corners of the ribs.

Common application covers the administrative organization of the deposit:

Fast mold, mold making, injection mold, mold details, sharp angle, blind keyway interior cheeks.

Wire cutting is commonly used for cutting very thick solid sheet metal, as well as traditional ones. This is a popular operation for the production of punch, tool and die. Cutting wire can be producing good surface finish without deforming parts.

Below are the WEDM model applications:

Thick die plump plate, punch cutting, auto and aviation parts, tight carrying parts, medical equipment, thin wall parts that have broken through normal processing.

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